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Please, before you ask me a question look at the suggestions on this page. I'm not really an expert, I just play one on the Internet, so in most cases if you do ask me a question I'll just refer you to one of the sources listed below. I enjoy trying to help the readers of my pages, but I often don't have an answer and I often find myself falling way behind answering my email. If you can't find your answer on your own using the hints below, go ahead and email me, I'll try to answer you promptly.

If you have any suggestions of your own about good places to find information please let me know and I'll add them to this page.

If you'd like to suggest a link for The Mother of All Maritime Links send me the URL, I'll check out the pages and probably add them to the list. Include a short description if you like, I may ignore it, but then again I may not, especially if the pages are in a language other than English. I update the links list about every 2 to 4 weeks.

If you'd like to put a link to my pages I've got some logos you may use. thanks!

To report a bad link in my link lists just email me. I haven't found a practical way to check all my links, so I depend on alert users of my lists to tell me of any problems. Thanks.

First of all, before you do anything else, search The Mother of All Maritime Links, you might find your answer without further trouble

I don't sell books. If you're looking for a book try my list of nautical booksellers, my list of general booksellers and publishers, or some of the online book search sites.

Questions about books set in the Age of Sail can often be answered in the Searoom-L mailing list, which is devoted to books in that genre.

If you have a question about a US Navy ship, past or present, The Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships probably contains the information you're looking for, if the online version doesn't, see if you can find the full print version at your nearest university library. The folks on the Maritime History mailing list may be able to help you further.

To find answers to questions about nautical history and historical ships look first at Lars Bruzelius' maritime history pages, a truly awesome history archive. After that your best bet is to join the Maritime History mailing list. Check their archives, your answer might be found there.

Try rec.boats for answers to questions about motorboats and motors. Rec.boats is 99% noise, flame wars, Bayliner bashing and PWC rants, but there are a few people who hang out there who really know their stuff, especially about engines, and will be happy to help you.

If you're looking for information on a classic motorboat got to the The Antique and Classic Boat Society.

For questions about boat building and repair try rec.boats.building and the Yacht-L mailing list.

For how to find boat plans and books about boatbuilding go to Great Encouragement to Boatwrights, the boatbuilding information sources list.

To answer questions about sailboats and sailing join the Yacht-L mailing list, it's a good one, recommended for all sailing nuts.

If you have a question about ship or boat modeling join the Seaways Shipmodeling mailing list.

Here's a list of USENET newsgroups that might be useful to you:

no.fritid.maritim (Norwegian language)

Mailing Lists can be found in my links list.

Good Luck!

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