Proa Pictures

Ladrones Islands proa taken by Anson in the 1740s

Sailing proa photo from the Library of Congress

The above photo monkeyed with to enhance sail details

A single periagua of Tongataboo Island, and a Prow of Mulgrave Island

A double periagua of Tongataboo Island

A double periagua

A double periagua of Otaheite

A double canoe found by Schouten in the South Seas (c1590-1618, from the Pepys Library)

Ladrones Islands proa described by Wm. Dampier (17th century, from the Pepys Library)

Drawings of several lateen and crab claw sails

Flying proa designed by R. M. Munroe

Large scale version of the Munroe plan (62K)

Profile and sail plan of Munroe's proa

30' proa designed by Chris White

Chris White's Dragonfly 15' tacking proa

The following pictures are from a book about the scientific circumnavigation of the globe by HMS Challenger in the 1870s.

Humboldt Bay, New Guinea canoe

Admiralty Islands canoe

Proa with crab claw sail at Goro Goro Ovaluau, Fiji (from a 19th century lithograph)

Tongan or Fijian Proa under sail

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