The Schooner
It's design & development from 1600 to the present
David Macgregor
Chatham Publishing, 1997
ISBN 1-55750-847-X
192 pages, numerous illustrations

Review by John McCoy

Covers the evolution of schooner rigged vessels from their earliest recorded appearances to the end of commercial sail.

This book was disappointing. The treatment of the evolution of the schooner type was disorganized and fragmentary, and largely consisted of a recital of “this vessel has this feature” with no analysis of why the feature was developed or what benefit it provided. The lack of any evolutionary timeline or analysis largely obviates the stated purpose of the book. The authors familiarity is clearly with British vessels, other European nations and North American practice receive relatively cursory coverage. Portrayal of the details of the schooner rig or of vessels so constructed is largely absent. The illustrations consist of numerous photographs of various schooners under sail, and line drawings of a vessels lines and deck layout, the latter being in many cases reproduced at an unfortunately small scale.

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