A Plea for Support

I started this site as a "hobby," but it's turned into a monster that consumes a large amount of time and effort. With hopes that it will keep my interest from flagging, I've decided to ask for donations to the cause. Giving a donation will not give you better placement in my links lists, or a more laudatory description. I will still try to be impartial.
If you'd like to show your appreciation for the services provided by my Web pages, you may send money, books (old or new), gear, or other items of interest to me at the address below:
John Kohnen
PO Box 40043
Eugene, Oregon 97404
You can also give me books from my Amazon Wish List  My Amazon.com Wish List
If you prefer using a credit card, you may send me a payment through PayPal (but they take a small cut) by clicking on the icon below:
Thank You!